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Payment for products

Shopping at NUZOO.LT you can pay for you orders in various safe ways:  cash, internet banking or regular bank wire transfer. I. Cash on delivery (COD).  You pay for you order  when it gets delivered to you while picking it from the courier.  You should prepare the exact money amount for the courier. II. Cash or credit card upon picking your order from our office at Vasario 16-osios g. 21, Gargždai, Lithuania. We are open on working days 8-17 h. III. Cash  at your local Lithuanian „Maxima“ store, „Perlas“ terminal, „PayPost“ R-kiosk or „Lietuvos paštas“ post office.  After choosing this payment method, you will have to print some generated check from Paysera and give it to the cashier.  Your order will be processed as soon as we receive the payment.  IV. Internet banking. Co-operating with our partner „Paysera“ we can provide the fastest way to pay for your order - automated internet banking (BankLink). V. Regular bank transfer.  Choose this payment method if you don't use e-banking or would like to make your  bank payment later at a time more convenient to you. After confirmation of the order, the required bank payment details will be emailed to you. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive the payment. V. International transfer via PAYPAL.  Choose this payment method if you don't use Lithuanian e-banking systems. After confirmation of the payment, your order will be sent second day as soon as possible (arrival time about 7-15-30 working days). WE SELL WORLDWIDE If you reside in Latvia or Estonia - you are more than welcome to shop at You will be able to pay using your local internet banking or making a regular European bank payment transfer. Customers from other countries should contact us to arrange the payment and shipping.